October 22, 2021


AmoreDiPET Interactive Treated Wooden Dog and Cat Puzzle, Activity Toy, Hide and Seek Slow Food, Bone shaped

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The Interactive Treated Wooden Dog and Cat Puzzle by AmoreDiPet provides a vital mental stimulation both for your dog as for your cat. Hide ono or two treats in one of the holes and cover them over by the wooden sliding door, then watch your dog or cat having fun sniffing them out. The treated wooden Puzzle works great also for puppies but don’t leave them alone with the toy and check the product regularly for signs of wear and damage, removing worn damaged toys immediately.
Made of high-grade material, durable, non-toxic, resistant to tearing and Eco- friendly.

Why choose AmoreDiPet Products:

Pet Approved: As the animals are our friends and the heartbeat of our business, we always ask them for approval of the products before we release them on the market.
That is why we carry out standard quality test for our products and and then the final check is always with our animal collaborators to see if they reach both our as their standards. The material we release must be safe, comfortable and obviously funny when we refer to pet toys.

Fast delivery: AmoreDiPet relies on Amazon’s logistics centers to guarantee the customer fast delivery within 48 hours

Secure Shopping: On our portals you can make purchases in all security as we rely only on secure gateways. We also have the formula satisfied or reimbursed.

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