May 29, 2022


AmoreDiPET Interactive Feather Wand for Cat and Kitten


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Our Interactive Feather Wand is a Toy for our beloved cats, both for small kittens as for grown up. It is a very simple toy made out of a flexible plastic and the extendable wand that goes from 38cm up to 96,5cm makes it perfect both for playing and for an easy storage. It is made out of an exclusive soft but durable foam handle for easy gripping and there are 5 assorted pieaces of replaceble feathers including a bell to keep our cats more enterained. This Interactive Feather Wand is a Special Edition designed for our beloved cats to engage  our furry friends to bring out their hunter instincts and of course to enjoy super funny moments together. The Interactive Feather Wand is also a very good way to give some exercise to your cat, just like humans, our feline friends need exercise to keep them fit in mind and body. As it is a toy without batteries it needs to be hand-powered by you (you’ll make some exercise too) as you simply wiggle, twirl, twist, swish, etc. the rod so that the beautiful feather recreate the movements of birds and will make your beloved felines endlessly entertained! Enjoy hours playing with your cat in a super fun way with just a flick of your wrist!

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