Ready ?
Often pets arrive in our lives in the most unexpected ways, and we are caught unprepared.

They are innately dependent on us for their needs, and we understand this subtle connection that pet owners feel.

At AmoreDiPet, we provide complete starter packs for new pets that contains all the essential for the arrival of your dear little puppy/kitties. This will help you quickly ticks off all your to-do list and enjoy some quality time with your fluffy friend.

We also have pet-ready kits for a memorable vacation with your pets.

With AmoreDiPet in town, you don’t need to worry about your pets traveling needs or vacation goodies. We have the perfect summer package with all essential products for pets of every age.


We understand that our pets are the apple our eyes. We love them like our family, and their happiness is paramount. This is why we will only select products reviewed with the help of our community so that our four-legged friends receive the products that give them comfort, wellness and keeps them happy!

With this Community, we’ll help each other give our best to our fluffy friends, to help them feel safe and loved. AmoreDiPet will not only help you to have the essential products at home, but we will be a Community where we can ask and help each other out with any questions or doubt. We need your help to create this and want you to leave us feedback also concerning your thoughts and which products you may think has to be added to our shop, we will create this together.