AmorediPet Cat Corner Brush

Your cat will go nuts for this wall-mounted brush!
As we all know cats love to groom and this self-groomer brush provides your cat with a gentle, self-massage, every time he/she rubs against it! Every time your cat bushes up against it, the brush removes all of the loose hair, holding it in place, for an easy clean up.
Durable and easily cleaned, our Cat Corner Brush is made of easy to clean plastic and the brush can be easily removed and replaced making it long lasting. Simply hand-wash  the self-groomer with natural soap (free of abrasive materials) and rinse thoroughly.
Add a little cat nip to the compartment on the side, and your cat will find it absolutely irresistible.
Our Cat Corner Brush fits all wall corners and table legs and mounts quickly and easily on either flat walls or corner surfaces. Remember to keep in mind your cat’s height when you choose the location to install your corner brush for easy access for your cat so that she/he can easily go and take a massage whenever she/he feels for it <3.

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